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Akai Armchair


Total Height 90cm, Seat Height 45cm, Width 70cm, Total Depth 75cm


Anna armchair


Total height 85cm, Seat height 45cm, width 65cm Total depth 75cm


Archy armchair


Total height 82cm, Seat height 45cm, Width 65cm epth 65cm


Armchair nu 1

Total Height 85cm, Seat Height 45cm, Depth 68cm, Width 65cm


Armchair nu 2

Total Height 83cm, Seat Height 42cm, Depth 74cm, Width 70cm


Armchair nu 3

Total Height 100cm, Seat Height 42cm, Depth 85cm, Width 68cm


Armchair nu 4

Total Height 96cm, Seat Height 45cm, Depth 82cm, Width 88cm


Armchair nu 5

Total Height 90cm, Seat Height 47cm, Depth 68cm, Width 65cm


Armchair nu 6

Total Height 85cm, Seat Height 45cm, Depth 82cm, Width 80cm


Armchair nu 7

Total Height 90cm, Seat Height 45cm, Depth 80cm, Width 88cm


Armchair nu 8

Total Height 90cm, Seat Height 47cm, Depth 65cm, Width 60cm


Armchair nu 9

Total Height 90cm, Seat Height 47cm, Depth 74cm, Width 70cm

Arm Chairs – The Luxury Seating

We have durable armchairs that are cheap in cost but handcrafted from finest of hardwood. Englanderline introduces its wide range of cheap & beautiful occasional style chairs in UK. These classy accessories can transform the look of any space.

These skilfully crafted pieces are perfect for styling a luxury space. Their designer look and shapely silhouette with stylish arms make them bold. There are much more style options in the design of backrest, armrests, and upholstery. You can choose your own style that reflects our personality.

Shop for UK’s most beautiful occasional seats and stylish chairs at cheap price. Buy your favorite set of armchairs from UK and every piece is cheap in price but finest in quality. Our designer arm styling chairs and accent seats are the first choices of our customers in UK.

Lavish Colors:

Every chair features premium fabric upholstery that adds class to its look. The rich white upholstery set a flawless contrast with its black finish. All the accent seats and arm styling chairs have smooth hand polishing. You will love these luxury accent creations and chairs with arms.

You can choose your own shade and style for the chairs you want to buy for occasional use in UK. We have mesmerizing shades that can highlight your classy interiors. Set a luxurious decor in your living space with these soft seating accessories.

High Quality at Low Price:

You can choose upholstery for your selected accent style chairs in UK. We showcase beautiful armchairs in the sale of our tartan chairs. It has uniquely crafted cheap but premium quality accent seats and designer chairs. The sale of occasional style chairs is another option you can buy from.

These accent and arm style chairs have timeless beauty you will lost in. We are the leading manufacturers of cheap pricing but high-quality chairs in the whole UK. Our creations have no match in the market. We deliver durable accessories with best functional features for fulfilling your expectations.

Set a perfect space that offers a comfortable seat to your guests with our designer chairs. We have variety of styles and shapes in a myriad of beautiful colors. Choose your desired look for styling your living space in your way. You can go for bold as well as pleasant looking piece that suits your home decor.


Explore Englanderline’s grand collection of luxury chairs for styling your home. They are perfections for both homes & hotels available in beautiful designs.