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Easdown Wooden Armoire

This wardrobe in the French style category, should just offer that classic visual treat to visitors who have entered your


Eartha Wooden Armoire

This beautiful distressed painted wooden armoire in free flowing design and a chest at the bottom represents a classic look


Earsome Wooden Armoire

Highly ornate in design, this classic wooden armoire is one of the most beautiful pieces of home furniture item that


Earp Wooden Armoire

Antique wooden armoire collection from Englander line which manufactures a completely new range of handcrafted beauties in wood exclusively for


Earnshaw Wooden Armoire

Simply elegant and grand is what can be best described about this beautiful wooden Armoire that has a touch of


Earnestine Wooden Armoire

Authentically English in design, this antique Armoire London is a perfect example of classic English style craftsmanship which is traditional


Earnest Wooden Armoire

This splendidly designed wooden beauty finished in solid hardwood gives you a feeling of class and elegance that was found


Earline Wooden French Armoire

View one of our splendid hand polished and hand crafted wooden beauty that is a perfect example of fine craftsmanship

Designer French Armoires and Wardrobes

We care about our customer’s furniture needs. This is why we are the best furniture manufacturers in the UK. We have best of home decor essentials with functional features. Every piece at our store is perfect from aspects of decoration and usability. Their appearance can lift up the decor of a space where you install them.

In the category of armoires and wardrobes, we offer a grand variety. Our French style armoires and wardrobes are statement pieces. They can enhance the beauty and functionality of any space. We choose the finest quality hardwood from the whole of Western Europe for these strong items.

We bring to you some of our best storage armoires and wardrobes in French antique style. These items have the flawless antique finishes that can add a royal feel to your home. Our designers decorate these functional armoires with some gorgeous hand carvings. The designing on their body make them even bolder.

Combo of Beautiful Colors and Designing:

You can also opt for many shades of polishing for making a contrast with your home decor. The antique finish of armoires and its distressed paint can enhance the decor of any space. Our designing also allow you to opt for different styles.

You can go with designer woodwork as well as with ornate designing. The ornamentation with golden polish makes them look like royal accessories. You can buy these ornately designed armoires for adding a royal appeal to your home.

The dark polish has a smooth finish that makes it more attractive. Its antique polishing gives it’s a glossy shine. Our bespoke polishing offers light as well as dark shades. It is for creating a perfect match with your home interiors.

Functional Accessories:

We bring to you some of the most functional wardrobes and French style armoires. Every piece comes with enough space for storing your essentials. They are perfect furniture for libraries, bedroom, living room, and for many other uses. Their durability makes them strong storage furniture with beautiful carvings.

The decorative look makes them decor enhancers. They are timeless pieces of furniture with extreme functionality. Our classic antique armoires are one of our best products for home decor. Ornamentation on the strong wooden body adds a grand appeal to your home. You can buy the piece of your desire after exploring our collection.