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glass dressing table

French Style Dressing Table

glass dressing table You are free to view our pristine quality glass dressing tables as these have been showcased exclusively

mirror with lights

Antique reproduction Dressing Table With Mirror

A dressing table with embedded Mirror is a stylish Piece to buy. A designer mirror crafted in hardwood with professional

Englander Line furniture store in London is here with its exclusive collection of designer French dressers in antique style as there is a huge demand for vintage dressing tables UK that are flawlessly designed, keeping in mind the taste of high profile customers. We bring to you some of the most elegant looking French dressing table and French


that are completely handmade from pristine quality wood and which comes in either marble top or Rattan finish. The intricate woodwork on the long spindle shaped legs, on the edges and on the drawers of these vanity tables, provide an elegant appeal to these classic bedroom furniture that are heavily ornamented, making them look extremely stylish and gorgeous. We are one of the leading furniture companies in London, providing an array of designer French furniture that is beautifully designed by our experienced in-house craftsmen who possess a passion for producing antique French dressers in solid wood.

We pride ourselves being the top furniture company in London, offering the best in Italian and French style furniture that are bespoke in design and which precisely caters to the needs of our customers. At ‘Englander Line’, we bring to you a whole new range of vanity tables and mirrored tables that are beautifully made in hardwood and richly hand polished. Even some of our vanity furniture are distressed painted as that is liked by a majority of individuals and homes across UK. Our classic mirrored dressing table in Rattan finish is truly exquisite in appeal as the long spindle shaped legs and the Oval shaped mirrors in a round wooden frame, overtly portrays class and elegance.

View the most stylish looking antique dressers UK in Rattan and marble top finish that is ornately designed and which goes on to transform the look of your living space to many folds. Shop online for a vintage looking French style dressing table that is beautifully hand crafted from hardwood as luxury homes deserves something royal and grand in appeal to impress upon its guests. We are here to provide you with your choicest of French table dressers that are indeed worth admiring and buying.