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Accent sofa


Seat Depth 75 cm , Seat Height 45 cm Total Width 200 cm Total Height 100


Alina sofa


Total Height 90cm, Seat Height 45cm, Width 190cm, Total Depth 82cm


Avril Sofa


Total Height 92cm, Seat Height 45cm, Width 220cm, Total Depth 84cm


Bali sofa


Seat Depth 75 cm, Seat Height 45 cm Total Width 200 cm Total Height 100 cm


Elany sofa


Heart Sofa


Total height 90cm, Seat height 45cm, Width 210cm, Depth 82cm, Total Depth with curve 100cm


Nadine sofa


Total Height 80cm, Seat Height 45cm Width 180cm, Total Depth with Corner 95cm


Naida sofa


Total Height 85cm, Seat Height 45cm Width 190cm, Total Depth 75cm


Nisha sofa


Total Height 90cm, Seat Height 45cm Width 200cm, Total Depth 82cm


Samantha sofa


Total Height 90cm, Seat Height 45cm, Width 200cm, Total Depth 82cm


Sandler sofa


Total Depth 75cm, Seat depth 60 cm, Seat Height 45 cm Seat width 130 cm, Base width 122 cm, Top


Santiago Sofa


Total Height 90cm, Seat Height 45cm Width 220cm, Depth 84cm

Fine elegant seating options

If you are looking for the finest fabric sofas, Englander Line is the best place to be. We feature the best collection of sofas with pure wooden framing and best fabric stitching for the upholstery. These fine pieces come with a unique design that would perfectly complement your home or office interior decor.
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The perfect English touchOur strikingly attractive sofas come with that elegant English touch and perfectly handcrafted in the United Kingdom. High-quality hardwood frames are used. They are first screwed, dowelled, and glued to provide that perfect support while the upholstery is being covered with high-quality Egyptian cotton-based fabrics.

Beauty at its absolute best

The upholstery is made from highest quality fabric that creates a fine impression. The upholstery is available in different color shades and rollover stitching style. There is a certain modern appeal to the design with the clean-lined and strong silhouette that™s been softened by the inclusion of a couple of cylindrical bolster cushions.

The softness in touch

These elegant and modern sofas for sale available from Englander Line Sofa Store UK provide the ultimate soft touch, all courtesy the presence of high reflex foam based core and feather wrapped cushion. The comfort these sitting units offer is beyond measurable. The back cushions are filled with highest quality fillers to create the ultimate comfort.

The bespoke option

We offer customization in terms of fabric and color quotient. If you are planning to customize the upholstery design, we can provide you our collection of materials available to use for the part. Minimum 15 meters of material would be required. Also, the dimension of the sofa would be taken into consideration.

Care and maintenance

The fabric is waterproof. You can use mild cleansing lotion (diluted with water) to clean any stains or spills on the sofa upholstery. For the back and exposed frames, it is better to avoid any liquid and use a vacuum cleaner to clear the dust.