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Roller Blinds are a subtle yet elegant product that is a need for every home or apartment. It protects the room from the direct rays of the sun, from dust particles and from the bright light without compromising much on the room ventilation or air flow. Today, roller blinds are not only implemented for their functionality, but also for their aesthetic appeal it brings about to a living space or a room. There are a variety of products available online that help you choose from a variety of designs, prints and style. At Englander Line, we offer you a wide range of functional as well as attractive looking roller blinds UK that enhance the appeal of your home interiors. Roller Blinds can be primarily classified into four different ‘types’ based on the fabric material used.

Screen/Sheer – These types of blinds block out the light and the heat coming from outside while allowing you to enjoy the view outside. These types of blinds are ideal for living rooms, dining halls and other such areas of the home.

Transparent/Sheer – These are like the Screen/Sheer Roller Blinds and just like them, they keep the heat and the light outside without hindering the outside view. Englander Line offers you a wide range of sheer blinds in UK, which are perfect for the living areas, especially guest rooms and library.

Translucent – These types of roller blinds would be the perfect choice if you want to protect your privacy without completely blocking out the natural light coming from outside. These blinds mellow the sunlight and protect your furniture/furnishings from effects induced by the sun like colour fading and bleaching. However, they offer very limited view of the outside, somewhat a blurred vision.

Block Out – As the name suggests, these types of roller blinds block out the sun almost completely. The amount of heat coming in is also reduced significantly. These blinds are just perfect for luxury bedrooms and private mansions where little or no light is needed at times.