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View our elegant range of small antique furniture sets that are truly mesmerising in design and execution, starting from intricate craftsmanship on wood to flawless hand polishing that is quite evident from the style of these antique wooden chests in classic French reproduction style. The ornate design and beautiful Marquetry finish on each of these French Reproduction chests are remarkable from the point of view of craftsmanship and detailing in wood. The design of these classic French furniture is absolutely stunning as the intricate carvings and the rich inlay work is flawless and pristine in appeal. The marble top finish on a majority of these wooden chests is absolutely remarkable in terms of grandeur and royalty.

At Englander Line, we bring to you a wide variety of classic Reproduction chests in natural hardwood that are intricately hand carved, ornately designed and beautifully hand polished in the most professional manner. Even the distressed paint finish, ornamental design pattern, inlay work and marble top look is classic in appeal and one can certainly feel the grandeur and aura associated with one such antique furniture for sale. We are UK’s #1 antique furniture dealer as we produce and sell the most authentic French style furniture in London and beyond that are all handmade by some of our deft craftsmen.

One can see the amount of intricate craftsmanship associated with these antique reproduction wooden chests and classic wooden chests that are distinctively French in appeal with some beautiful inlay work in Gold that best complements the style of one such furniture. Furniture lovers can opt for a Veneer finish wooden chest or for that matter a classic hand polished French reproduction wooden chest in a marble top finish that is definitely ‘grand’ in appeal. The richly ornamented Cabriole style legs and the semi circular shape of these antique wooden chests are a true dossier of style, grace and sophistication on wood that is beyond comparison. Choose from our collection of antique French chests in classic Reproduction style that are elegantly conceived on hardwood and which is sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space.